When we hear news of frightening or violent incidents, it can make us stop and reconsider what we would do if we faced the worst.

Hospitals are always preparing for accidents, health emergencies, natural disasters or mass-casualty events so we’re ready, no matter what.

Whether things happen at home, on the farm, or at work, no one is immune to the possibilities – even those that are most worrisome.

As a Community Health Center, we hope it gives resident in our communities a better peace of mind knowing that strong, capable teams of professional know exactly what to do – how to help – with the proper care you might need at the right time.

No matter the time of day or night, Osceola Regional Health Center is well-known for its emergency care. No one takes a moment to consider the level of care they may need if the unthinkable happened – a car accident or other tragic occurrence. Yet right now, and every hour of the day, we have teams that can treat the most severe injuries or the onset of a life-threatening heart attack or stroke.

With our robust relationships with emergency responders, Osceola Regional Health Center’s emergency teams are tuned into events that take place around the county. When a car accident or other incident happens, first-responders are on the scene quickly, and at the same time, they are communicating with our teams who make preparations at the emergency room.

In many cases, our local ER team can take care of whatever comes our way.

In those cases when we need additional resources to best serve a patient, our Avera eCARE® Emergency telehealth resources come into play. In real time, emergency-medicine specialist physicians and nurses, all with vast experience, can come into the room virtually to give the bedside nurses and care-givers additional support and expertise. Throughout the emergency, the entire team focuses on providing the person who is hurt or sick with the best-possible treatment as quickly as possible.

There are times when the best course of treatment means a transfer to another facility. In those critical situations, Osecola Regional Health Center professionals on the ground can stabilize the patient and while doing so, call for an ambulance or Avera Careflight. This team, which includes both airplanes and helicopters, can cut travel time dramatically and arrive at your hospital and quickly take your loved one to a facility with an array of specialists who can provide the right level of care, whether that’s surgery, critical care or another procedure or treatment.