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60th Anniversary

60th Anniversary By Scott R Helmers, MD With the 60th anniversary of opening of what is now Osceola Regional Health Center I am grateful for an opportunity to add recollections. Osceola Hospital, located at 502 Second Avenue in Sibley, began in 1914. Schoon Hospital, located at 509 Ninth Street in Sibley. Operated from 1935 - 1947. Original hospital, located at 818 Fifth Street in Sibley, was started in 1911. Original accommodations for 15 patients. The annual admissions totaled 200 patients, with an average of 6 patients daily. Having grown up in Sibley, I know what went before, and I was there for how this hospital came into being.  I know that during the 1940s there were 3 hospitals in Sibley, essentially the upstairs area of the doctors' offices.  I entered the world in Schoon Hospital.  I was told that family surgeries happened at Hough Hospital.  But by the 1950s hospital care had all coalesced to the Osceola Hospital.  I always remember how as an 8-year-old I was given inhalation ether as anesthesia for a tonsillectomy, and I then spent the night there. By the late 1950s, however, as licensure and accreditation standards progressed, the doctor owned private Osceola Hospital was becoming obsolete.  The Sibley [...]

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