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Public Health Week! April 1-7, 2024

By Pam Juber, RN, Director of Osceola Community Health Services

Pam Juber, RN, Director of Osceola Community Health Services

In recognition of National Public Health week, it is important to create an awareness of the impact public health makes on our day-to-day life. Public health encompasses many different aspects of health and wellness, focusing primarily on three keywords often called the 3 “P’s” of public health… prevention, protection and promotion.

In public health, we work to educate people on ways to prevent sickness, disease and injury. Some education we provide to the public includes the importance of vaccinations, regular age-appropriate health screenings, bicycle/ATV safety and more.

Public health also works to positively impact and protect our communities, through education on policy changes on issues such as radon exposure, second-hand smoke, adequate water fluoridation, and safe food handling practices.

The final keyword in the public health world is promotion; promoting health and wellness by teaching, encouraging and supporting healthy choices and behaviors. Promoting health is something we should be mindful of each and every day, and there are endless ways in which we all can participate. Some common healthy choices and behaviors include eating a well-balanced diet, regular physical activity, eliminating alcohol and other substance use, getting adequate sleep, minimizing screen time and focusing on meaningful interpersonal relationships.

Osceola Community Health Services (Public Health of Osceola County) is committed to promoting, preserving and protecting the health of our communities. If you are interested in more information about the programs we offer, please visit or call 712-754-4611.