Answering your Mammogram Appointment Questions

Who doesn’t love the feeling of planning and preparing? Goal-setting, appointment making, and adding productive tasks to our to-do list is a great way to set expectations for our week, month, or year. Actually completing those items and getting them checked off our list is an even greater feeling!

However, if it’s our first go-round at anything it can be difficult to know what to expect. So, what if it’s your first 3-D mammogram appointment? Certainly, questions may arise in our minds. With many recommended screenings having their unique guidelines, it can be easy to confuse the advice.

The good news is that, in general, there’s not much we need to do to prepare for our mammogram. If any of the questions listed below particularly peak your curiosity, we share the answers below:

Can I eat before a mammogram? Short answer: yes. Many health screenings will require you fast prior to the exam, but that’s not the case for a 3D mammogram.

Can I wear deodorant to a mammogram? As much as we all prefer not to smell, ditch the deodorant prior to your 3D mammogram. Antiperspirants and deodorant can show up as white spots on your mammogram results. Additionally, perfume, body lotions, and powder may interfere with your results. Apply your personal care products after your appointment — if it bothers you enough, you may certainly take those go-to personal hygiene products with you to your appointment to apply them immediately after your exam.

Can I wear makeup to a mammogram? Above the jawline, makeup is perfectly okay to wear to your exam. If you usually apply bronzer or body makeup on your chest, however, leave out that step the day of your mammogram.

Can I drink coffee before a mammogram? Coffee is perfectly fine to drink before your mammogram and won’t skew your results, but caffeine in general can make some women’s breast more tender and thus make the mammogram more uncomfortable.

Can I take medication (over-the-counter or prescription) prior to a mammogram? Absolutely yes, you may take your prescriptions as normal the day of your exam. 3D mammogram technology is designed to be more comfortable for women, but if the idea of experiencing discomfort during the exam especially concerns you, it’s just fine to take a couple ibuprofen about a half-hour before your appointment.

What should I wear to my mammogram appointment? You can wear whatever you want to your mammogram appointment, but keep in mind you will need to remove your shirt and bra, so perhaps you want to wear something that will be easy to slip on and off. We provide a gown that opens up at the front to protect your privacy and help you stay more comfortable during your test.

At the end of your day, getting your 3-D mammogram is vital to your health and protecting your life could not be easier with local, convenient access to this breast screening. Give Avera Medical Group Sibley a call at 712-754-3658 to schedule your important 3-D mammogram today.