The Importance of Your Annual Mammogram

By Eberechi Ekechukwu, MD of Avera Medical Group Sibley

As women, we take the time to protect the health of so many people in our life. Amid the rush of everyday life and watching over the ones we love, it’s easy to let our health fall to the wayside. However, our health matters to the ones who love us.

Simply getting your mammogram, a 45-minute time commitment, is one way you can prioritize your health. Beginning at age 40, or possibly younger in women with a family history of breast cancer, there is no better protection against breast cancer than receiving your annual mammogram.

If you are a pre-menopausal woman, the best time for a mammogram is typically one week following your period, when your breasts aren’t as sensitive. Some women choose to schedule their mammograms during their birthday month so it’s easier to remember their appointment.

Mammography detects most cancers in women without symptoms, and protecting your life from breast cancer could not be easier with 3-D mammography technology available right here in Sibley. Don’t delay your health; make your annual mammogram a priority.

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