ORHC the Ultimate Destination for Speedy Lab Results

Committed to quality service, Osceola Regional Health Center strives to provide lab testing services our community needs and the rapid results they deserve.

ORHC’s lab department expanded in their capability of volume this past week with the addition of two new test reading slots to the Cepheid machine. Previously, the machine had two test reading slots. This has greatly increased productivity for respiratory viral testing which includes Influenza A and B, RSV, Group A Strep and COVID-19.

“The laboratory performs testing on up to 15 specimens per day. With only two testing slots and each test taking about 45 minutes from start to finish, this was not a quick process,” explains Kathy Winter, Ancillary Services Director. “So you can easily see the advantage of having four testing slots to ensure a faster turnaround time for patients and providers, especially since Covid-19 testing has been added to the laboratory test menu.”

Results are sent directly to the ordering provider when complete and patients are notified of results within 24-48 hours.

Danielle Onken, Laboratory Manager shares the increase in turnaround time is meaningful. “The efficiency is unmatched. We really are excited to have the addition of the new slots because it creates a positive patient experience when they know they’ll get their results soon.”

In addition to our viral testing services which are available only with an order from a provider, ORCH’s Laboratory also offers a limited test menu through its Direct Labs program. For more information on this option, check out our laboratory page or call 712-754-5304.