Cardiovascular Disease is called the silent killer because anyone could be living with a serious or life-threatening heart condition without knowing it. Too often people discover they have heart disease only after they are faced with a serious problem. 

But now, there’s good news for people in the Sibley area who want to be proactive about their heart health. Osceola Regional Health Center is pleased to offer the addition of Planet Heart health screenings. Planet Heart is a program that administers low-cost screenings to give patients a clear picture of their heart and cardiovascular health and identify any risk factors. If something is detected, patients can work with their care providers and make health modifications to prevent serious issues before they develop. Planet Heart offers a $50 heart screening, a $50 vascular screening, or a $75 test that combines both screenings.

The heart screening takes the patient’s blood pressure, BMI (body mass index), checks cholesterol and blood sugar, and includes a calcium score CT, a critical test in the early detection of heart disease that shows the presence, location and extent of any calcified plaque in the coronary arteries.

Planet Heart administrators also offer a vascular screening, which focuses on important blood vessels in the body. This series includes a carotid artery screening, an aortic aneurism screening, an ankle brachial screening, and also monitors cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

No referrals, no problem! Anyone can make an appointment for a Planet Heart screening. Choose the heart screening, the vascular screening, or both tests and get the added benefit of the program’s expert team providing education about risk assessment, diet quality, and nutrition counseling. 

As Dr. Samuel Park at Osceola Regional Health Center explains, “Early detection gives a patient many more options while avoiding those health problems that can be life-threatening. It is much easier to prevent the issues than to repair the damage from a heart attack or serious vascular episode.”

Darlene Jurgens, RN, added, “This program really empowers the individual to take control of their heart health and develop good habits that maintain cardiovascular health and, as a result, a greater quality of life.”

Take control of your heart health and don’t let cardiovascular disease catch you off guard. Schedule a Planet Heart screening at Osceola Regional Health Center by calling 712-754-5304.