Back to School Strong: The Importance of Immunizations

On your back to school checklist:

Loose leaf paper. Check.

Pens. Check.

Kleenex boxes. Check.

Clothes. Check.

If immunizations are not on your back- to-school checklist – do not worry. Osceola Community Health Services is here to help. They can provide information regarding age appropriate immunization requirements.

The good news is that if your child is missing any required immunizations, Osceola Community Health Services is available to provide the immunizations needed to meet requirements. It is very important to your child’s health to receive all immunizations timely, according to the recommendations.

It is extremely important for parents to keep a record of their child’s immunizations. However, if your child’s record is misplaced, Osceola Community Health Services or your physician can provide a copy of your child’s immunization record. Immunizations should be discussed routinely at each well visit.

A full immunization schedule is available on the CDC’s website and includes information about each vaccine, should parents need a guide. With so many recommended vaccines, it’s normal to be curious about the importance of each and have questions.

There are a multitude of concerns and worries that come with being a parent and we always want the best outcome for our children. In life, many situations are uncontrollable. However, making sure your child is protected against all vaccine-preventable diseases is the first step to a healthy school year.