Happy, Healthy Holidays!

The holiday season is here; unfortunately, winter illnesses are too.

This winter, there are a few things we can do to try to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy. Handwashing and social distancing when ill are the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and in stopping the spread of germs.

Good handwashing practices are crucial in preventing illness, especially as people are traveling and attending family gatherings. There is a right way to wash your hands. When you fail to wash your hands or you wash them incorrectly, you are essentially just spreading the germs around on your hands and then to everything you touch afterwards.

Proper handwashing technique is to wet hands, then lather with soap. When lathering your hands with soap, scrub the backs, fronts, between the fingers and under your nails for a minimum of 20 seconds. Rinse your hand thoroughly then dry them with a clean towel or air dryer. Hand sanitizer should never replace good handwashing practices.

The other major step you can take to protect your loved ones is to make sure you are social distancing or staying home when you are sick.

Help us take these steps this holiday season. From everyone here at Avera Medical Group Sibley and Osceola Regional Health Center, we hope you and your loved ones have a happy, safe and healthy holiday season.

Everyone at Avera Medical Group Sibley and Osceola Regional Health Center wish you all a happy, health and safe holiday season. Pictured: Dr. Samuel K. Park, MD; Dr. Kelsey M. Lee, MD; Dr. Garrett Sterk, DO; Dr. Eberechi Ekechukwu, MD; Dr. Gregory Kosters, DO, FACOFP; and Dr. Rachel Wilcinot, DO.